DVD vs. Blu-Ray Discs

eiodotcom —  May 3, 2012 — 3 Comments

The American people have spoken about their video format preferences: Blu-ray discs and online streaming sales are on the rise while DVDs steadily nosedive. While this census is clear, a basic review of the pros and cons of each will be helpful as you decide which to ditch and which to switch to. Today, Eio focuses on blu-ray vs. DVDs.

Weighing the Scales: Pros and Cons

The advantages of blu-ray discs over DVDs seem overwhelming. Due to their increased storage capacities, blu-ray discs can hold more special features and graphics, and have enhanced image and audio quality than their DVD-predecessors. The big names in film and media (Disney, Warner Bros, Fox) have also released a cacophony of movie and TV titles on their production arsenal, so these discs are found in most electronic/video stores.

Of course, these added bonuses comes with the downside of higher prices and being forced to buy the accompanying parts to bring out blu-ray’s potential. For instance, one must buy both blu-ray player and high-definition TV because blu-ray’s enhanced image quality will not shine on older TVs. You also have to buy the correct cables (and sometimes adapters) to make the blu-ray fit your TV. On top of that is the higher price of blu-ray discs, some up to $30 a piece while DVDs average $15.

Also, while blu-ray sales steadily increased in 2011-2012, some media analysts hypothesize that the blu-ray won’t gain full swing into the US household (or heart) for another few years. A large majority of consumers are still satisfied with DVDs and don’t want to face blu-ray technology’s added expenses. Blu-ray.com even estimates that the two video formats will coexist until HD-TV’s become more widespread.

While Eio highly recommends upgrading to blu-ray technology, PC World addressed the next question to be answered before fully committing to Blu-ray technology:

With the rise in online streaming (and the subsequent possibility of blu-ray’s demise), how long will Blu-ray’s shelf life be and is it worth the commitment?

Catch us tomorrow for the answer: Blu-rays vs. Online Streaming!

Whether you’re an old school DVD buff or an up-to-date blu-ray watcher, you can find both at our Eio store. You can also find blu-ray drives and burners for your computer.

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