DC Motors 101

eiodotcom —  May 26, 2012 — 3 Comments

Today’s Eio post is on DC Motors.

What is it?

A DC motor is a motor that runs on direct current (DC) electricity.DC motors use the electricity and a magnetic field to produce torque (the force which causes the motor to spin). WiseGeek summarizes the concept of how a DC motor works like this:

At its most simple, a DC motor requires two magnets of opposite polarity and an electric coil, which acts as an electromagnet. The repellent and attractive electromagnetic forces of the magnets provide the torque that causes the DC motor to turn.

If you’ve ever played with magnets, you know that they are polarized, with a positive and a negative side. The attraction between opposite poles and the repulsion of similar poles can easily be felt, even with relatively weak magnets. A DC motor uses these properties to convert electricity into motion. As the magnets within the DC motor attract and repel one another, the motor turns.

What is it used for?

DC motors are in just about everywhere! Howstuffworks offers a neat exercise: walk through your house and you’ll find close to 100 DC motors present! As a breakdown, motors are in:

  • the bathroom (hairdryer, electric toothbrush)
  • the kitchen (refrigerator, sink’s dispose-all)
  • the utility room (washer, dryer)
  • the car (power windows, windshield wipers)

So if you’re interested in replacing a DC motor or starting your own DIY project, check out Eio‘s catalog.


Yokogawa RM-H6A6S-U Reversable Motor

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