Inductors 101

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Today’s Eio post covers inductors.

What is it?

Different types of inductors

The most basic forms of inductors are tightly wrapped coils of wire, which are used in electronic circuits. Due to the magnetic properties of a coil, inductors are able to store energy in their magnetic fields. In other types of inductors, the coil is wrapped around certain types of core material (most often iron) to increase the inductance of the wire.

If you’d like to understand the process of inductance in more easy-to-understand detail, visit the inductors page on

What is it used for?

Inductors are commonly used in radio frequency devices. They are frequency-specific components, so they help produce or eliminate specific frequencies in a signal. Inductors are make up transformers, which are fundamental components of any electric utility power grid. They are also used as the energy storage device in some switched-mode power supplies.

So check out some of Eio’s popular inductor products:

Toko Choke Coil Shielded 22uH 20% 1KHz 2.21A RDL Inductor

TRENDnet TC-TP1 Net Probe (Amplified Inductor and Tone Probe)

See also:


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