Different Types of the Computer Mouse

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Different mice from 1987 to 2007

Today’s Eio post is on the computer mouse.

Different Types

Ball Mouse

The ball mouse is one of the earliest forms of mice. It contained a ball that could roll in all directions and track movement. The main drawback of the ball mouse was that one had to constantly clean the wheel of grime which would reduce the amount of friction. Ball mice have been made largely obsolete by newer technology.

Optical Mouse

Optical mice use LED and photo technology to detect movement, rather than a physically moving ball. It tracks the cursor’s movement through photo sensors which take over 1,000 pictures per second. This instantly tells the computer the position of your mouse’s cursor.

Most optical mice are plug and play, meaning you usually do not have to install any software to make the mouse work. You simply plug it into its proper connector, and your mouse is ready to be used.

Optical mice normally do not require a mouse pad. Only on rough, black, or glass surfaces do the optical mice not detect movement as well.

Laser Mouse

Laser mice, as its name suggests, uses infrared laser technology to detect the mouse’s movement. The laser mouse is very similar to optical mice, only instead of an LED to track movement, it utilizes lasers to monitor the movements of the mouse and represent them on the screen.

Other Things to Consider

  • Wired or Wireless?
  • Regular or Ergonomic?
  • USB connector?

Check out some of Eio‘s options for computer mice!

Optical & Wired: iMicro MO-5013U USB Optical Mouse

Wireless & Laser: Microsoft ZJA-00046 Wireless Laser Arc Mouse

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