An Overview of Mobile Computing Devices

eiodotcom —  June 28, 2012 — 1 Comment

Today’s Eio post is on mobile computing devices.

Mobile computing is designed with the expectation to be transported during its normal usage. It allows internet access to be portable and integral to everyday life. These devices are made to be small, lightweight, portable, with wireless internet access.

Types of Mobile Computing Devices

Tablet Computer

Like the Apple iPad or the Kindle Fire, tablet computers are shaped like a paper notebook. They lack keyboards but instead come with keyboard built into the touchscreen with some form of handwriting recognition software. These can perform most of the tasks of its laptop counterpart.

ViewSonic V10P_1BN7HUS6_01 ViewPad 10Pro Tablet Intel Atom Z670(1.50GHz) 10.1″ 2GB Memory DDR2 800 16GB SSD Intel GMA 600

Smart Phone

Smart phones are cellphones that include other functions. They have built in web browsers and have internet capability. They are designed with many applications, such as digital calendar, online games, digital notepads, and other features. Smart phones cannot perform the same tasks as laptops or tablet computers, such as creating word docs or excel spreadsheets.

GRIFFIN 4058-RDTRPB2 RoadTrip with SmartScan for iPod / iPhone

E-Book Readers

E-Book readers are similar to tablet computers. Their primary function is to read digital books. Modern versions also come with internet capability and many other applications. Many E-Books come with the option of switching off the LCD backlight, so it is easier on the reader’s eyes. E-Books are also highly useful to save on storage space that would otherwise be taken by bulky books. It is especially convenient to the highly mobile persons, both in everyday life and those who travel and move residences a lot.

Macally ECOSTAND2 Tablet PC Holder


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