An Introduction to the Xbox 360

eiodotcom —  June 29, 2012 — 4 Comments

Today’s Eio post is on XBox 360.

The XBox 360 was released in 2005 and is a part of the 7th generation of video game consoles. As of 2012, 62 million consoles have been sold worldwide. In 2010, Microsoft released a redesigned version of the Xbox 360. It is slimmer than its 2005 predecessor, has built in Wi-Fi capability, five USB 2.0 ports, and comes with an internal hard drive for data storage. The standard Xbox 360 comes with a 4 GB hard drive.

With the updated Xbox 360 and its Wi-Fi capabilities, Xbox Live is the most popular thing. It allows players to compete online, download games and other features, and even stream Netflix or movies through it.


Video Compatible – the 360 is video playback compatible, meaning it can play many movies and 3D movies. It can stream Netflix movies or TV shows.

Internet – Xbox has full internet browser with Wi-Fi capability. You can compete with your friends over multiplayer online games.

Backward Compatibility – the Xbox 360 can also play earlier versions of Xbox software and games.

Kinect Sensor — for an extra price, you can purchase the XBox 360 with the Kinect sensor. According to, the Kinect sensor allows you to “experience gaming like never before. Easy to use and fun for everyone, the Kinect sensor utilizes revolutionary full-body tracking to put you in the center of the fun. This amazing new technology allows the sensor to recognize your body and mirror your movements in the game, making you the controller. All you need is a little room to play, with approximately six feet of free space between you and the sensor. With Kinect, Xbox 360 now has the best controller ever made—YOU.”

Wireless Controller – you can purchase a wireless control, which has range up to 30 feet and battery life of up to 30 hours on two AA batteries.

Microsoft NSF-00001 Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Black/Glossy Black

Internal Hard Drive – you can purchase the console with built in internal hard drives. This allows you to store your games,TV shows, movies, music, pictures, trailers, levels, and everything else. Standard comes with 4 GB hard drive, or you can upgrade it to a 250 GB hard drive.

Microsoft RKB-00001 Xbox 360 4 GB Black

Microsoft RKH-00001 Xbox 360 (New Design) 250 GB Hard Drive Black

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