Our wide selection of DVI Products

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Today’s Eio post is on DVI.

Male DVI connector pins (view of plug)


DVI, or digital visual interface, is a video interface standard, meaning it is the standard connector for maximum video resolution for flat screen LCD displays. It is used to connect a video source, such as a DVD player, to a display device, such as a computer or TV monitor. DVIs overtook the previous standard for VGA (visual graphics array).

Wisegeek says this about DVIs:

DVI eliminates the unneeded analog interpreter from translating digital signals between digital components. Digital flat panel displays use a method whereby each pixel is mapped to a numerical value that establishes its level of brightness each time the frame is painted, which occurs many times per second. Inherently this is more exacting than CRT technology. When the analog conversion is eliminated, the result is optimal. If the digit “1” is relayed, the receiver will get “1” and nothing else. If sent via analog, the “1” might look more like .0952 or 1.002.

Each DVI connector has up to 24 different pins which link up to the interface. There are three main variations that the DVI connector can fall under:

  • DVI-D (digital only, both single-link and dual-link)
  • DVI-A (analog only)
  • DVI-I (integrated – digital and analog)

Eio’s DVI Selection

Eio holds many different types of DVI related products.


We have DVI-to-DVI cables, such as the Nippon Labs DVI 6 DD Premium 6 ft. DVI Cable with Digital Dual-link

  • 6 ft.
  • Black
  • Offers flexible movement, durability, and fit with molded-strain-relief construction
  • Ensures your comfort and ease of installation with oversized rounded thumbscrews
  • Complies with fully rated cable specification using braid-and-foil-shield protection
  • Provides excellent conductivity using 24k gold-plated copper contacts
  • Reduces cross talk and interference with aluminum undermold shield
  • Retains perfect fit with connectors
  • Supports resolutions of 1600×1200 pixels and higher

We have many DVI adapters, such as the SYBA SD-HMF-DVM HDMI To DVI Adapter.

Adapter Cables

DVI on Amazon.com

Eio also sells several DVI products on our Amazon.com website. We carry OEM (original equipment manufactured) cables, in particular our many Belkin products.

Belkin PureAV AV22400-12 12-Foot HDMI-to-DVI Video Cable

This 12 foot hdmi-to-dvi video cablehas high-frequency response for optimal resolution with silver-plated conductors. It isolates outside noise with its quad-shielding, and has non-slip rubber grip and integrated color coding.

Belkin PureAV AV52400-04 4-Foot HDMI-to-DVI Video Cable

This Belkin 4 foot hdmi-to-dvi video cable has superior quad shielding mesh cable material. It drastically reduces signal distortion for unrivaled video clarity using 99.99% oxygen-free, has solid-copper conductors and high-purity, and silver solder joints.

  • Delivers best high-frequency response for optimal resolution using silver-plated conductors
  • Isolates from outside noise for superior clarity with quad-shielding
  • Maintains stronger signals that yield superior video accuracy with precision-formulated, polyethylene dielectric material
  • Reduces cross talk and interference using impedance-matched, twisted-pair construction
  • Protects against wire damage for consistently high-quality audio video with integrated strain relief
  • Maintains integrity, even when bent with abrasion-resistant, flexible PVC jacket
  • Create precise contact for low loss with 24k gold-plated connectors
  • Provides comfort and ease of install with non-slip rubber grip and integrated color-coding

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