An Introduction to Home Audio Speakers

eiodotcom —  July 7, 2012 — 3 Comments

Today’s Eio post is on home audio speakers.


Home audio speakers, most commonly called loudspeakers (or speakers), are devices that project amplified sound made from converted electrical energy.


Speakers are classified as woofers when they reproduce lower octaves of sound. Subwoofers often create very low octaves of sound and cause the most vibration when music or sound is played. Subwoofers often add the most bass to sound when accompanying speakers.

Home audio speakers are often synchronized with other home audio-video equipment, such as TV and DVD player, so that they produce a surround sound effect. The surround sound effect means the speakers are in sync with the rest of the room, like when watching movies or TV.

The quality of the speakers not only depends on the price, frequencies it picks up, and other specifications. It also relies on the listening environment. Where one places the speakers in a room (or in a position outdoors), the amount of resonance within the room, and what type of furnishings are in the room.

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