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Today’s Eio post is on educational software.

Educational Software and Interactive Learning

Educational software is any type of program or game that teach the user a concrete skill or piece of information. It can teach the user a wide array of knowledge, anywhere from computer-related activities such as typing, to higher education subjects like chemistry, or even to secondary skills such as learning another language.

This type of software falls under the umbrella of interactive learning, which is a method of acquiring information through hands on, interactive means. Computers and other tangible equipment is a common means of how interactive learning is employed in schools and other learning environments.

Teacher’s Edition Software

Eio carries interactive educational software for both teachers and students. Teachers edition versions of this software holds both answer keys to interactive tests, and various methods for how to teach and/or communicate the lesson plans. It also has various tips and skills to think about when presenting the information.

Texas Instruments TI-Nspire Cas Software-Teacher

This product is Windows and Mac OS compatible. “To enhance educator’s classroom presentation options, the TI-Nspire CAS Computer Software -Teacher Edition allows educators to select a TI-SmartView emulator option to project the screen and keypad of the TI-Nspire CAS handheld to the class. The Teacher Edition is compatible with both PC/Windows and Macintosh computer platforms and will be offered as a single license only. The Teacher Edition software will be included in the TI-Nspire CAS teacher bundle and a 30-day trial of the Teacher Edition software will be included in TI-Nspire CAS teacher kits.”

Language Software

Learning a language through interactive software is no readily available. Most language programs are self-thought, meaning you have to teach yourself. It requires discipline, consistency, and practice to learn a language through software.

Eio has language learning software in English, German, Spanish, and Japanese.

TOPICS Entertainment Instant Immersion Spanish Levels 1,2 & 3

Spanish Levels 1-2 -3 (v.2) Windows/Mac The Complete Language Learning System – Instant Immersion uses natural image association techniques to help you learn as easily as you learned your first language. With Instant Immersion, you will have more fun, save money and reach your goals faster. Contains 6 Language Learning CD ROMs + 3 Bonus Discs (Interactive DVD, Audio MP3 CD, “Who is Oscar Lake” game.) PC & Mac Compatible Minimum System Requirements: MAC OS X 10.3.9; Win XP/Vista, P4, 500 MHz, 512MB RAM, 1024 X 768 Color Display, Sound Card, CD ROM Drive

TOPICS Entertainment The Complete National Geographic – Every Issue since 1888

Explore 120 years of amazing discoveries, fascinating maps and the world’s best photography with The Complete National Geographic. This definitive collection of every issue of National Geographic magazine — from 1888 to 2008 — which has been digitally reproduced in stunning high resolution, brings you the world and all that is in it. Use the advanced interface to explore a topic, search for photographs, browse the globe, or wander on your own expedition.

  • Rediscover every printed page — every article, photograph and advertisement — from 1888 through 2008 on 6 DVD-ROMs
  • Browse special “readlists” from National Geographic stars or create your own lists of favorite articles
  • Test your knowledge with a trivia game that links to related articles
  • Reference hundreds of the magazine’s classic maps digitized as part of the magazine’s archive for the first time
  • Use Geobrowse to find articles, photographs and maps about any location you choose
  • Bonus DVD featuring the history of the National Geographic Society and National Geographic magazine

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