An Introduction to Battery Holders

eiodotcom —  July 27, 2012 — 1 Comment

Today’s Eio post is on battery holders.

A battery holder is a chamber for holding or housing a battery. These holders are often attached to or within another electronic product to house the battery, and are needed for when the life of the product outlasts the life of the battery. For example, a car battery is housed within the automobile’s battery holder so that the battery can be replaced with ease to keep the car powered even if the battery runs dry.

The holder itself usually consists of a plastic case made in the shape of the battery, so as to properly fit the contours of the battery’s shape and size. The holder can also consist of a separate plastic holder that is mounted onto the product by various means (e.g. screws, glue, tape). A coiled spring wire or flat tabs that press against the battery terminals are the most common means for creating the electrical connection for the battery and the electrical product. If there are external connections on battery holders, they are usually made by contact with pins, wire leads, or solder lugs.

Environmental Impact

While the exact amount of good (or bad) battery holders contribute to humanity’s impact on the environment is still yet to be determined, it is commonly known that the use of battery holders often contributes to less waste generated. Battery holders are only unnecessary when the battery life outlasts the life of a product, so both are subsequently thrown away. Battery holders come in handy when the product’s life outlasts the battery’s, so only the battery needs to be replaced, such as in a car or in many modern cell phones. Because battery holders allow batteries to be recycled while the products are reused, we only have piles of batteries building up, but not piles of electronic products.

For instance, in the past, many cell phone batteries were soldered in place and therefore could not be removed. Once the battery life decreased overtime the entire cell phone would have to be replaced. Nowadays, cell phone batteries can be replaced because they fit into battery holders instead of getting soldered permanently.

So check out our catalog of convenient battery holders that fit the most commonly used battery sizes, such as AA, AAA, D cell, and 9V batteries!

VELLEMAN BH341USB 4xAA Battery Holder

VELLEMAN BH9V 9V Battery Holder

VELLEMAN BH121B 2xD Battery Holder


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