An Introduction to Alarm Clocks

eiodotcom —  July 28, 2012 — 2 Comments

Today’s Eio post is on alarm clocks.

An alarm clock is a clock with a built in alarm designed to wake a person up at a specific time. Alarm clocks serve as reminders to rouse people from their night’s sleep or a short nap. Depending on the clock’s design, the alarm goes off with sound, light, sensors, or buzzers to alert the person of the signal. To stop the alarm, most clocks have some button that needs to be pressed; other clocks automatically stop if left alone fr long enough.

Many modern alarm clocks have built in functions, such as built in FM/AM radios or covert spy cameras. There are also progressive alarm clocks that get louder as each second or minute passes. Most alarm clocks also have functions to snooze, meaning you can hit the button to turn it off, and the alarm will start up again in a designated period of time (such as every five to ten minutes). Alarm clocks can come in both digital form or the traditional model with hands and a face.

Coby CDRA147 Digital AM/FM Dual Alarm Clock Radio / CD Player

High-contrast accents and contemporary styling give a new look to the traditional alarm clock. Coby’s digital clock radio features a full-range stereo system, built-in AM/FM radio and multifunctional dual alarm with snooze/sleep timers. Integrated 3.5mm line-in jack allows for easy connection to your portable MP3 or CD player.

  • Digital clock with large 4-digit LED display
  • Top-loading CD player with programmable track memory
  • Sensitive AM/FM analog tuner
  • Dual alarm clock with sleep/snooze timers
  • Wake to CD, radio, or buzzer

EMERSON CKS1702 SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio

With Emerson’s award-winning and SmartSet technology, the flashing “12:00” display is a thing of the past.

The CKS1702 digital tuning clock radio automatically sets itself on the first use to the correct year, month, date, day, and time.

The clock radio features a large, easy-to-read LED display with dimmer control so it is easy on your eyes in the dark.

The alarm can be programmed to operate on weekdays only, weekends only, or all seven days of the week.

The alarm displays the month and date with the touch of a button.

Set the alarm to wake you to your favorite AM/FM music or news station, or to the buzzer.

The clock radio adjusts itself automatically for Daylight Savings Time and Leap Year, as well as maintains the correct time when the power returns after power outages.

Getting out of bed will no longer be a chore with the help of the CKS1702.

COP-USA BCCAM Covert Baby Care Camera


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2 responses to An Introduction to Alarm Clocks


    these alarm clocks are amazing and some of them are really cute. i also have a batman dark knight rises alarm clock

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