Audio Cables: Speaker Interconnect Cables

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Today’s Eio post is on audio cables, specifically speaker interconnect cables.

Speaker interconnect cables can consist of two main types of cables: banana connectors or AWG cables.

Banana Connector

A banana connectors are often used as the plugs on the cables connecting an amplifier to a loudspeaker. The name of banana connectors are derived from the shape of the plug. It is thin on one end, gets thick in the middle, and gets thin on the other side, similar to the shape of a banana. These are used as a single-wire electrical connector to join other wires to the audio equipment.

Cables To Go 29176 10ft 12 AWG Velocity™ Speaker Cable

Get superb performance for any installation! With its ultra-flexible jacket for easy installation, Velocity speaker wire offers precise sound quality for todayÆs audio and home theater applications. This 12 AWG oxygen-free pure copper stranded cable delivers clear audio performance within a wide dynamic range. It minimizes inductance and capacitance to ensure superior sound quality, a clean sound that is true to the source.

For low noise and distortion, each conductor is wrapped by polypropylene insulation. Corrosion-resistant, precision-made 24K gold-plated banana connectors ensure long-lasting sound quality, and enable this cable to deliver a rock-solid connection that provides fidelity and performance far in excess of its price. For price and performance, this is the right solution for connecting speakers to your receiver.

Connector 1: One Banana Male
Connector 2: One Banana Male

AWG Cables

AWG, or American Wire Gauge, is a standardized wire gauge system used in the diameters of round, solid, electrically conducting wire. It has a current-carrying capacity. Wikipedia says this: “Increasing gauge numbers give decreasing wire diameters, which is similar to many other non-metric gauging systems. This gauge system originated in the number of drawing operations used to produce a given gauge of wire. Very fine wire (for example, 30 gauge) required more passes through the drawing dies than did 0 gauge wire. Manufacturers of wire formerly had proprietary wire gauge systems; the development of standardized wire gauges rationalized selection of wire for a particular purpose.”

Cables To Go 38068 6ft 10 AWG SonicWave™ Speaker Cable

SonicWave speaker interconnects are the perfect combination of transparent and neutral, high quality audio reproduction and beauty. 10 AWG oxygen-free copper is constructed from 7 bundles of 18 AWG conductors for maximum flexibility. A 12mm PVC jacket provides the protection your cables need for a lifetime of performance. Two interchangeable connector options (5/16in spade terminals and banana plugs) easily attach to the cables and provide configurations for the most common high-end speaker applications.

Corrosion-resistant, precision-made 24K gold-plated terminals ensure long-lasting sound quality while oxygen-free copper ensures maximum fidelity. SonicWave faultlessly delivers clean power from your amplifier or receiver to your speakers; enjoy maximum performance through advanced cable design, construction and materials. Every speaker placement requirement is unique, so this cable is sold individually to make it easier to buy the cable lengths required for your specific installation.

Connector 1: One Banana Male or One 5/16in Spade Terminal
Connector 2: One Banana Male or One 5/16in Spade Terminal

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