Audio Cables: RCA Connectors

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Today’s Eio post is on audio cables, specifically RCA stereo audio cables.

RCA Connectors

An RCA connector is most commonly used to carry audio and video signals. It is a type of electrical connector, and the acronym stands for “Radio Corporation of America,” which was who introduced the design in the early 1940s to pick up home radio connections.

Wisegeek breaks down the male and female RCA connectors:

“There are two types of RCA connectors that are used together to make solid electrical connections. Female RCA connectors are typically located on devices. These connectors typically protrude from a device and have one contact on the exterior surface and another in the center. Male RCA connectors are typically found on cable ends and contain an outer sleeve contact in addition to a central pin connection. There are also numerous other configurations, such as extension cables that have one male and one female RCA connector, splitters that can connect a monaural output to a stereo input, and converters that include female RCA connectors and a male TRS connector.”

Reducing the Confusion by Color Codes

Because of the many input, output, male, and female RCA connectors, RCA cables are normally color coded to reduce confusion. Normally, RCA connectors have a red and white cables which designate audio signals, and a yellow cable which is for video feed.

Furthermore, some RCA cables come with only audio feed, and their colors are usually red and white. RCA cables with video specifically say they have video included. The trio or pair of jack-connectors is usually found on the front or back panes of most audio/video equipment, like TVs, video game consoles, even camcorders.

Cables To Go 40463 3ft Value Series™ RCA Audio Cable

Make the right choice to connect your DVD player, satellite dish, camcorder, computer, hi-fi VCR or any source with composite audio (left/right) to your TV, monitor or a/v receiver. Ordinary “included in the box” audio cables often use low quality materials with inferior shielding that can result in poor quality. But our RCA cables deliver all the detail you expect from your audio equipment.

The dual conductor is spiral-wrapped with tinned copper, which provides shielding against EMI and RFI interference. The connectors are color-coded for easy installation and identification and provide excellent strain relief.

Connector 1: Two RCA Male
Connector 2: Two RCA Male

Cables To Go 13032 3ft Velocity™ RCA Audio Cable

Don’t let your interconnects be the weak link in your audio system chain! This audio cable offers excellent sound quality because its bonded construction design delivers a neat, easy connection of audio signals. Twisted pair oxygen-free copper wire and foamed PE dielectric are optimized for audio signal transmission. The low-loss 100% foil and spiral-wound oxygen-free copper shielding protects the delicate signals from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). Color-coded molded connectors and an ultra-flexible jacket enable easy installation. 24K gold-plated heavy-duty contacts ensure a lifetime of performance.

Connector 1: Two RCA Male
Connector 2: Two RCA Male

Cables To Go 40133 50ft CMG-Rated RCA Stereo Audio Cable With Low Profile Connectors

Audio installations in educational and commercial settings often require in-wall rated cable. Our CMG-rated line was specifically engineered to meet this requirement while overcoming common challenges faced by installers in these environments. Low-Profile connectors (1.41in total depth) save valuable space in the gang box.

  • Black Color
  • 50ft Length
  • RCA Stereo Audio

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