Video Cables: HDTV Breakout Cables

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Today’s Eio post is on HDTV Breakout Cables & Cable Kits.

HDTV Breakout cables are designed to hook up an HDTV with other AV equipment. In essence, HDTV breakout cables serve as connectors between HDTVs (most often whatever cables connect with your particular HDTV), with HDTV hook ups, DVDs, HDMI cables, or DVI connectors. They reduce the amount of hassle created because of all the various and multifaceted types of cable connectors out there today.

Cables To Go 38067 Velocity™ HDTV Connection Kit

Why confuse yourself searching for all of the required HDTV cables you’ll need? The Velocity™ HDTV connection kit is a hassle-free solution that contains any cable needed to connect your HDTV to your new or existing audio/video system. This kit is an economic alternative to purchasing multiple cables individually.

Get the maximum performance from your new plasma, LCD, DLP, DVD player, satellite receiver, or HDTV cable box by using Velocity high performance cables. All Velocity cables feature high quality construction materials to guarantee a quality picture and sound including 24 karat gold-plated connectors to ensure long lasting quality, and molded connectors for easy handling and excellent strain relief and maximum shielding.

Cables To Go 40023 1.5ft SonicWave™ One S-Video Male to Two BNC Coax Female Y-Cable

When your s-video cable canÆt go the distance, this s-video y-cable is the answer. This cable will send the luminance (video) signal over one cable, and the chrominance (color) over another cable. Using this cable along with high quality BNC video cables will allow you to run s-video signals in excess of 50 feet with no noticeable signal loss.

Individually shielded low-loss dual 75 Ohm silver-coated oxygen-free copper wire delivers the most accurate resolution and color. CU Shielding Technology™ provides three layers of shielding for maximum isolation from EMI/RFI; two 80%+ OFC copper braids and one 100% overlapped Mylar® foil. Precision-machined 24k gold-plated connectors ensure superior fit, and long-lasting performance free from oxidation. Flexcable™ ultraflexible PVC jacket enables easy installation. Use with digital camcorders, satellite receivers, DVD players, or any s-video source.

Connector 1: S-Video Male
Connector 2: Two BNC Female

Cables To Go 02561 6ft Premium HD15M to RGBHV (5-BNC) Male Video Cable

This cable is constructed from premium quality 75 Ohm mini coax wire to ensure a crisp monitor image. Low loss 75 Ohm impedance and poylethylene dielectric provide an accurate picture resolution and color. Each wire is shielded with 100% Mylar® foil and 85% copper braid that is soldered 360° to the connector shell to create a shielding solution for a vivid, noise-free image.

Color-coding of the five separated monitor signals provides easy identification of red, green, and blue leads with horizontal and vertical sync. Fully molded connectors provide excellent strain relief to keep your cable intact.

Connector 1: One HD15 Male
Connector 2: Five BNC Male

Cables To Go 29640 3ft Ultima™ HD15 VGA Male to RCA HDTV Component Video Breakout Cable

The Ultima cable optimizes style, quality, and value in a cable specially designed for high performance. Constructed from three individually shielded, 75 Ohm coax cables, this cable delivers a performance connection that maximizes color and image. The cable features 100% shield with an overlapped foil and copper braid. The shield continues through the connector with a 360° solder joint between the cable braid and a copper foil wrap on the HD15 aluminum undermold, providing a shielding solution for a noise-free connection. This design assists in reducing EMI/RFI interference to meet FCC requirements. 24k gold-plated connectors provide maximum oxidation resistance for error-free data transfer. Finally, an ultra-flexible jacket and oversized thumbscrews make installation easy.

Input Connector: One HD15 Male
Output Connector: Three RCA Male

Please note: This cable is not compatible with Y/Cr/Cb video, and is not compatible with all computer monitor ports. Make sure your graphics card supports Y/Pb/Pr component video or that your video source provides a Y/Pb/Pr component video signal from the HD15 port to use this cable.

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