CCTV: Bullet Cameras

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Today’s Eio post is on bullet cameras.


Bullet cameras fall under the larger umbrella of CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras. They generally serve the same purposes as other CCTV cameras, being that they are cameras to transmit a video signal to a specific place, usually viewed over a monitor. Bullet cameras are most often used for video survelliance purposes, but are also common as helmet cameras (cameras attached to helmets to catch the point of view of the person wearing the helmet, often for bikers).

Bullet Cameras

A bullet camera derives its name from its relatively small size and its long and cylindrical shape. They can be placed inside or outdoors and are typically used for security purposes. In terms of indoor uses, they are normally used for indoor security as concealed video monitoring devices; for outdoors,as outdoor security because of their durable and stationary forms. Bullet cameras can even be small enough to be concealed within something like a stuffed animal to create a so-called “nanny cam” or large enough to be a plainly visible deterrent form of external security.

Wisegeek says this:

“Many times, external security will feed into a closed-circuit video system that allows viewing at certain locations but ensures the video image is not transmitted on usual television frequencies. A bullet camera in such security systems can often be seen at banks or convenience stores, and with increasing frequency around large parking lots or parking structures where crimes can happen far from crowded areas. The video images are often recorded and kept for a set period of time before being recorded over with new images.”

COP-USA CM259EZ-WDR-EF WDR Bullet Camera EFFIO CCD Super High Resolution 720TVL w/ 2.5~10mm Auto Iris Lens

1/3″ EFFIO High Resolution Color CCD, 720TVL 0.001 Low Lux, Day / Night IR CUT Control, SDNR ( Super Digital Noise Reduction),Easily Adjustable 2.5~10mm Varifocal Lens, DC12V 500mA

High Resolution
* 720TVL 0.001 Low Lux
* Day / Night IR -Cut Control
* Super (SDNR) Digital Noise Reduction
* Easily Adjustable 2.5~10mm Varifocal
* OSD Easy Setup
* DC 12V 500mA


1/3″ SONY Super HAD CCD II3.6mm Board LensWaterproof

Q-See QSM1424W 400 TV Lines MAX Resolution BNC CCTV Camera

Weatherproof for indoor or outdoor use
3.6mm lens providing 53° viewing range
24 Infrared LEDs
Up to 40 feet night vision
Color day mode, black and white night vision
Flexible 3-Axis stands enhance camera positioning
Bracket design makes cable difficult to vandalize
60 feet of cable (extensions available if needed)
Operating Temperature: -20°C to +50°C (-4º to 122 ºF) RH 95 % max

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