CCTV: Dome Cameras

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Today’s Eio post is on dome cameras.

Dome camera mounted on building for security.


Dome cameras fall under the larger umbrella of CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras. They generally serve the same purposes as other CCTV cameras, being that they are cameras to transmit a video signal to a specific place, usually viewed over a monitor. Dome cameras are most often used for video survelliance purposes.

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras are quite versatile in their uses, being mounted in stores, homes, and businesses. Their covert and subtle placements make them ideal to use as security cameras. They generally come in dark gray to a black color and can be used to record the actions of customers, intruders, or for other survellience purposes.

Wisegeek says this:

“There are two main ways a dome camera can be installed. It may be flush mounted to a ceiling or wall, or it may be installed pendulum style, where the camera is suspended from a rod attached to the ceiling. Pendulum styles are most often used in buildings with tall ceilings so the camera is closer to subjects being watched. This type of installation provides better face recognition.

The dome camera has a great advantage over other types of cameras: due to the dark-colored lens, a person cannot tell if the camera is recording or not. In this way, dome cameras act as a deterrent even if they are not recording at the time. These types of cameras are used widely in casinos, resorts, banks, lobbies and museums—are are generally accepted as being the preferred nanny cam.”


KT&C KPC-S520DC Sony 1/3″ Super HAD CCD, 380 TV Lines, Polycarbonate, f3.6mm, 80mm Dia.

COP-USA CD250XIR-WDR 6″ Vandalproof Dome Camera, New Wide Dynamic 1/3″ Color CCD Anti-Saturation Infrared

· 1/3″ Color Wide Dynamic High Resolution CCD
· Vandalproof Dome
· 3 Axis Rotation Dome Camera
· IR Cut Filter
· High Impact IP66 Casing
· Built-in 2.5-10mm Electronic Iris IR Lens
· 650TVL / 0 Lux
· Digital Noise Reduction
· Easliy Adjustable Varifocal Lens
· OSD Easy Setup
· 30 High Intensity LEDs
· Visible Range up to 100 feet in total Darkness
· Dual Power: DC12V / AC24V 800mA

TRENDnet TV-IP252P Dome Wired IP Camera with 2-Way Audio / 62 degree viewing angle / MAX Resolution 640×480

Motion detection triggered email alerts and image upload via FTP
Control two adjustable motion detection windows with just-in-time snapshot
Hear and talk to people in your camera’s viewing field through your computer (mic and speaker sold separately)
Samba client saves video to network storage devices
Quick Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) installation
Camera browser can be accessed using Internet Explorer 6.0 above

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