CCTV: PTZ Cameras

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Today’s Eio post is on PTZ cameras.


Dome cameras fall under the larger umbrella of CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras. They generally serve the same purposes as other CCTV cameras, being that they are cameras to transmit a video signal to a specific place, usually viewed over a monitor. Dome cameras are most often used for video survelliance purposes.

PTZ Cameras

A PTZ camera, also known as pan-tilt-zoom camera, is a camera with the ability to zoom and change directions via remote. The PTZ relflects the movement options of the camera. They are often used with professional video cameras in television studios, but the remotely controlled automation systems are generally sold separately without the cameras.

Wisegeek says this about PTZ cameras:

Pan, tilt, and zoom models may be used as computer security cameras both indoors and outdoors. Many versions have internal blowers and heaters, which enable exterior use in cold and wet weather conditions. These cameras are either fixed inside a dome housing or attached to an external rotating frame and require hardwiring to function. The cameras change viewing position remotely by manual or preprogrammed instruction. The zoom feature allows users to enlarge an image up to 36 times, depending on the make and model of the particular camera.


Sony 1/3″ HQ1 CCD, Pan/Tilt, 3x Digital Zoom, f3.6mm Board Lens, Max. Rot. Speed; 55ºPan, 40ºTilt, 1/3″ Sony, 520 TV Lines


Indoor High Speed Dome 216X Color w/ Drop Ceiling Bracket

Bolide BC2002-AT88 Advanced Positioning Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

BC2002-AT88 Advanced Positioning System is designed for the airport, border defense, customs, highway and other special places. As these occasions’ environment has strong wind, big temperature difference between day, night and the seasons, lightning electromagnetic interference and the high probability of interference, it is difficult to maintain after the installation of the products that need round-the-clock work. So we give priority to the design of the product’s reliability, stability, sealed, waterproof, Anti-acid rain, high temperature endurance, aging, corrosion resistance, wind resistance, to ensure that after the products are installed, they can be long-term, stable, free-maintenance.

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