We are Electronic Inventory Online, Inc. or EIO for short. Find us at EIO.com.

EIO.com has revolutionized the electronic components industry by offering high quality new & excess electronic components, such as: Batteries, LCD’s, LED’s, Power Supplies, Switches, Fans, Cables, Development Tools and more, available at a fraction of the industry’s marked up prices.

We search the world for the most technically advanced products to sell online as well as trying to stay committed to help keeping our environment clean by offering a wide selection of RoHS compliant electronics.

We currently offer over 100 manufacturer brands of electronic components at the lowest possible price.

We are dedicated to our consumer’s needs, and providing it at the lowest possible price served with our expert customer service, who are dedicated to make the customer our top priority.

We offer the service of providing electronic components at ease, service, convenience and low prices.


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