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Eio carries many standard and Pure AV Belkin products on our site. Customers may wonder why they should pay almost double the price for a Pure AV cable than a standard Belkin cable when both cables serve the same purpose.

Today’s post focuses on the benefits of Pure AV Belkin cables over their standard counterparts.

What is Pure AV?

Whereas Belkin products are standard level audio-video products, Pure AV are the brand-name for Belkin’s top of the line products. Teckmagazine defines Pure AV as:

PureAV by Belkin provides the highest-quality connectivity solutions necessary to unleash the performance of all your audio video devices. The development of this premiere AV solution results from Belkin’s 20-plus years of leading-edge experience in digital connectivity and power protection. Designed to extract the full potential of your components, PureAV integrates technology and high-quality performance with a modern, clean elegance previously obtainable only at a premium price.

Belkin Pure AV cable


Compare two Hdmi-to-Hdmi cables:

Pure AV cable (AV52300-08) – Benefits:
  • Price on $20.98 (including S&H)
  • 8 foot hdmi-to-hdmi grey cable with superior cable material (mesh)
  • Delivers best high-frequency response for optimal resolution using silver-plated conductors
  • Featuring quad-shielding, the cable can isolate from outside noise for superior clarity.
  • Reduces cross talk and interference using impedance-matched, twisted-pair construction
  • Maintains stronger signals that yield superior sonic and video accuracy with precision-formulated, polyethylene dielectric material

    Belkin Standard Cable

Standard Belkin cable (AV22305-06-WHT) – Benefits:
  • Price on $10.47
  • 6 foot Hdmi-to-hdmi white cable
  • Provides maximum bandwidth for true HDTV resolution up to 1080p
  • Precise contact and increased durability with corrosion-resistant, 24k gold connectors

For more Belkin cables of superior Pure AV quality, visit Eio now on!

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