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Optical Disc Drives 101

eiodotcom —  June 9, 2012 — 3 Comments

Today’s Eio post is on Optical Drives.

What is an Optical Drive?

An optical drive uses lasers to read or record information on a disc. Every modern computer comes equipped with an optical drive to read the information on CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray discs. Outside of computers or laptops, optical drives exist in stand-alone optical drives, such as a DVD or CD player, and many video game systems.

Different Types of Optical Drives

There are three main types of optical drives:

  • DVD drive – DVD drives come with capabilities to read (R), write (W), or read-writable (RW). DVD-R, you can only read the data (ie., watch the video); DVD-W you can write or re-write onto the DVD disc; DVD-RW you can both read and write onto the disc.
  • DVD/CD drive combo – because DVD technology has surpassed that of CD technology, every modern day DVD drive can read both DVDs and CDs.
  • Blu-Ray disc drive – the latest optical disc drive technology is Blu-Ray player. This uses different technology than DVDs, so Blu-ray discs are often unable to be played on DVD players. But DVDs can be played on Blu-ray players.

In the past, optical drives were one of the main sources of saving computer data. CDs surpassed floppy discs, while DVDs surpassed CDs, now Blu-rays are overcoming DVDs. But all of these sources are used to back up small amounts of data. Hard drives, USB flash drives, and SD cards are the main forms of backing up today’s digital information.

Here are the various optical drives and accessories Eio sells:

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DVD vs. Blu-Ray Discs

eiodotcom —  May 3, 2012 — 3 Comments

The American people have spoken about their video format preferences: Blu-ray discs and online streaming sales are on the rise while DVDs steadily nosedive. While this census is clear, a basic review of the pros and cons of each will be helpful as you decide which to ditch and which to switch to. Today, Eio focuses on blu-ray vs. DVDs.

Weighing the Scales: Pros and Cons

The advantages of blu-ray discs over DVDs seem overwhelming. Due to their increased storage capacities, blu-ray discs can hold more special features and graphics, and have enhanced image and audio quality than their DVD-predecessors. The big names in film and media (Disney, Warner Bros, Fox) have also released a cacophony of movie and TV titles on their production arsenal, so these discs are found in most electronic/video stores.

Of course, these added bonuses comes with the downside of higher prices and being forced to buy the accompanying parts to bring out blu-ray’s potential. For instance, one must buy both blu-ray player and high-definition TV because blu-ray’s enhanced image quality will not shine on older TVs. You also have to buy the correct cables (and sometimes adapters) to make the blu-ray fit your TV. On top of that is the higher price of blu-ray discs, some up to $30 a piece while DVDs average $15.

Also, while blu-ray sales steadily increased in 2011-2012, some media analysts hypothesize that the blu-ray won’t gain full swing into the US household (or heart) for another few years. A large majority of consumers are still satisfied with DVDs and don’t want to face blu-ray technology’s added expenses. even estimates that the two video formats will coexist until HD-TV’s become more widespread.

While Eio highly recommends upgrading to blu-ray technology, PC World addressed the next question to be answered before fully committing to Blu-ray technology:

With the rise in online streaming (and the subsequent possibility of blu-ray’s demise), how long will Blu-ray’s shelf life be and is it worth the commitment?

Catch us tomorrow for the answer: Blu-rays vs. Online Streaming!

Whether you’re an old school DVD buff or an up-to-date blu-ray watcher, you can find both at our Eio store. You can also find blu-ray drives and burners for your computer.

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