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Today’s EIO post is on car electronics and the different products related to rear view cameras for automobiles.

What are Backup Cameras:

A backup camera is a special type of video camera that is produced specifically for the purpose of being attached to the rear of a vehicle to aid in backing up. Backup cameras are alternatively known as ‘reversing cameras’ or ‘rear view cameras’.

The design of a backup camera is distinct from other cameras in that the image is horizontally flipped so that the output is a mirror image. This is necessary because the camera and the driver face opposite directions, and without it, the camera’s right would be on the driver’s left and vice versa. A mirrored image makes the orientation of the display consistent with the physical mirrors installed on the vehicle. A backup camera typically sports a wide-angle or fisheye lens. While such a lens spoils the camera’s ability to see faraway objects, it allows the camera to see an uninterrupted horizontal path from one rear corner to the other. The camera is typically pointed on a downward angle, to view potential obstacles on the ground as well as the position of approaching walls and docks, rather than straight back.


Pyle PLCM19 Low Lux Rear Camera Black Chrome Metal Lisence Plate Frame


Low Lux Rear Camera
Black Chrome Metal
License Plate Frame


Brand Pyle
Model PLCM19
Type Back up Camera & Rear View Mirrors w/ Monitors
  • 420 TVL Horizontal Resolution
  • Waterproof Rating : IP67
  • Sensor Image: Color CMD Sensor
  • Low Light Capable
  • 17 Foot Male to Male RCA Video Cable
  • TV System: PAL/NTSC
  • Effective Pixels: 512 x 492
  • Resolution (TV Lines) : 420
  • Resolution (TV Lines) : 420
  • Video Output: 1.0V pp-77Ohm
  • Lens Angle: MAX 170°
  • Power Supply: DC 12V
  • Current Consuption (mA): 200mA
  • Dimension: 312 x 162 mm
  • Operating Temperature (Deg
  • C): -20 – +75 (RH95%MAX.)
  • Storage Temperature (Deg
  • C): -40 – +85 (RH95%MAX)
  • Sold as : Unit


PYLE PLCM7300BT 7″ Mirror Monitor W/ Rearview Night Vision Camera Built-In Bluetooth


7”TFT Mirror Monitor
Rear-View Night Vision Camera
Built-In Bluetooth


Brand PYLE
Model PLCM7300BT
Type Rear View System
Dimensions Screen Dimensions: 10.19″ x 4.25″ x 1.81″

Camera Dimensions: 8.46″ x 1.29″ x 1.37″

Features 7″ TFT (16:9) Wide Screen

Universal Clip On Existing Mirrors

Wireless Remote Control

Resolution: 480 x RGB x 234

Contrast Ratio: 400 CD/M2

Viewing Angle: U/D90° L/R120°

Power Consumption: 6W

Auto Switch PAL/NTSC

Dual Video Input(DVD/CAMERA/GAME)

Rearview Night Vision Camera

Built-In Bluetooth System

Display In-coming Calls

License Plate Mount

Anti Glare Mirror


PYLE PLCM24IR Universal Mount Rear View Backup Camera


Universal Mount Rear View Backup Camera
Brand Pyle
Model PLCM24IR
Type Rear View Camera
Image Sensor 1/3″ Color CMD
Pixels 580 x 540
Resolution 420 TV Lines
Illumination 1.0 LUX (Min.)
View Angle 170°
Output Level 1.0 Vpp-75 Ohm
Power Requirement DC 12V
Dimensions 0.67″ x 0.67″ x 0.9″
Features Water Proof 1/3″ Color CMD

17 Foot Male to Male RCA Video Cable

IP Rating: 68

Auto Image Adjustment

PYLE PLCM38FRV Universal Rear View Backup Color Camera


Universal Mount Optional Front View & Rear View Backup
Color CMD
Distance Scale Line Camera


Brand Pyle
Image Sensor 1.3″ Color DVD
Pixels 580 x 540
Resolution 8 420 TV Lines
Illumination 0.5 LUX (Min.)
View Angle 170°
Color System PAL / NTSC
Output Level 1.0 Vpp-75 Ohm
Power Requirement DC 12V
Dimensions 3.18″ x 2.95″ x 2.17″
Features Water Proof Front & Rear View Camera

17 Foot Male To Male RCA Video Cable

Ip rating: 68

Auto Image Adjustment

LED Light For Night vision

Distance Scale Line



New Webcam Product!

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Back in July, we introduced our customers to some of our webcam products.  Today, we would like to share the Logitech 960-000045 QuickCam Pro for Notebooks with you, our newest and most advanced webcam yet!


What makes this webcam unique is the fact that it is designed with Carl Zeiss Optics, the global leader in camera optics.  The webcam comes with premium autofocus, which means your images will stay razor-sharp, even in close-ups.  It also has built in RightLight2 Technology, which permits the lens to adjust intelligently to produce the best possible images in dimly lighted or poorly backlighted settings.  Finally, this webcam will never cut you out from the field of view, as it comes with ultra-wide field of view and intelligent face tracking, which always keeps you right in the middle of the action.




Brand Logitech
Model QuickCam Pro
Interface USB
Max. Image Resolution 1600 x 1200
Effective Pixels 2.0 M
Video Capture Resolution Up to 1600 x 1200
Frame Rate 30 fps
Focus Settings Autofocus system
Lens Carl Zeiss lens
Operating Systems Supported Windows XP / Vista

Today’s Eio post is on the digital camera.

Digital cameras are able to capture images by uploading them onto memory cards, rather than how traditional film cameras capture images onto rolls of film. Because of the new technology of capturing images onto memory cards, digital cameras are able to take multiple shots at high speeds, almost at the speed of capturing a moving picture if enough shots are taken.

In terms of a camera’s identification, the vast majority of cameras can all be identified by the same components. Ehow says this:

A viewing lens is seen on one end that may or may not have padding over it, depending on the size of the camera. On the opposite end is a wider lens that collects light to form an image on film or through digital technology located inside the body of the camera. A flash is found on the front of camera or extending above it. Most cameras also have a shutter button on the top right of the camera body; this is used to take the photos.

Things to think about

Image Resolution

The resolution of a digital camera is often measured in pixel count. The resulting amount of pixels in the image greatly determines the resolution.


The lens of a camera often determines the focus and focal lengths available to each camera. In general, most common digital cameras come with a zoom function, allowing the user to zoom in or out. SLR cameras often need to have separate lens to determine how close or far away one needs to take a picture without physically moving closer or farther.

Image data storage

Digital cameras often come with SD card slots to store data. Users can replace the SD cards to hold more memory so as to take more and more pictures without uploading them onto a computer and deleting the pictures off the SD card.

Types of cameras

Cameras today come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. Most commonly, cameras come in digital camera format or camera phone format. Cameras also are built into surveillance cameras, camcorders, traffic signals, or spy cams. Cameras, of course, come both in capturing still photos, or the ability to record video.

Eio’s catalog carries cameras and other camera accessories.


Night Owl NONEXGEN-W NexGen LightWeight 2X Night Vision Monoculars

Sima SL-20LX Ultra Bright Video Light

Camera cases and bags

Canon 5063B001 PSC-600 Deluxe Soft Case

Case Logic DCB-308black Sling Carrying Case for Camera – Black


Digipower TP-S032 Mini-Tripod with Ball-Head

Joby GP2-D1EN Gorillapod Flexible Tripod for Digital SLR Cameras with Bubble Level

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Today’s Eio post is on webcams.

A webcam is a miniature camera that records video onto a computer. They are considered input devices, meaning they are external to a computer but connect, either directly or wirelessly, via USB, ethernet, or Wi-Fi connections.

Webcams are known for their low-cost and flexibility, making their uses diverse. With newer technology, web cams can be placed in covert places around one’s office or room, to be used as a spy-camera, or for video survellience.


Webcams have a plethora of uses. In many modern laptops and computer monitors, webcams come built-in so you do not have to buy an external webcam. But built-in webcams often do not have the same flexibility or range of movement as do external webcams, which can be moved around and pivoted in various directions and degrees.

Videocalling and Videoconferencing

Live video communication over the internet, usually over services such as Skype of AOL instant messenger, is one of the most useful benefits of webcams. Companies can have one-on-one video conference calls, or conference calls that include entire board rooms full of people.

Video Security

Webcams can also have built-in technology to record when it detects sound or movement, and thus be used as video surviellance cameras.

Eio carries a large catalog of webcams. When choosing which external webcam is right for your needs, there are various things to think about:

  • Effective Pixels, such as 0.3M, 1.3M, 2.0M, or 3M.
  • Image Sensors
  • Maximum Image Resolution
  • Supplier to choose from

Macally IceCam2 USB 2.0 Video Web Camera with Microphone

The Macally IceCam2 is white in color, and has a dual-use stand: it can stand on a table/desk, or can be mounted on a laptop screen. It also has a USB 2.0 interface connector, with image resolution of 640 x 480 and takes up to 30 frames per second.

Macally IceCam USB 1.1 WebCam

The Macally IceCam is a smaller camera which takes up much less room. Its maximum image resolution is 352 x 288.

SYBA CL-CAM50001 1.3 MP Effective Pixels 640 x 480 USB WebCam – Retail

This Syba cam has image resolution of 2560 x 2048. It has a pivot-ready stand which allows it to sit on any flat surface. It also has a built in microphone and reads micro-SD cards.

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