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Today’s Eio post is on LCD televisions.

What is it?

An LCD TV, or liquid-crystal display television, is a TV set that produces images through LCD display technology. LCD TVs have many advantages over other TV technologies, such as the cathode ray tube (CRT) or plasma screens.

Advantages of LCD TVs

Size and Weight

LCD TVs are thinner and lighter in size and weight than CRTs. Due to the flat screens and the light-weight, one does not have to reserve a space in the room to put the TV, like on the ground. With LCD TVs, they can be hung on the wall. This often creates much more space in the room, and the LCD TV does not block other living room items, such as a fireplace. It can be placed over the fireplace.

Brightness and Screen Resolution

LCD TVs are also brighter and can be seen in all lighting conditions. They have plastic, non-reflective screens which is ideal for brightly lit rooms. You can keep LCD TVs in a well-lit and window-filled room and still enjoy your favorite shows or movies during the daytime.

Electricity and Longevity

Compared to Plasma TVs, LCDs take much less electricity to run. For avid TV watchers, or for those with children/house-guests who watch TV for hours on end, the added cost of electricity in plasma TVs will add up. LCD TVs can help expunge that cost.

In terms of longevity, most modern day LCD TVs are have an expected 60,000 hour lifetime. If you watch six hours of TV a day, this will take 27 years to hit the 60,000 hour mark.

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Today will briefly cover LCDs. An acronym for liquid crystal displays, LCDs are flat screen or visual displays that utilize the light from liquid crystals. They exist in many common household electronic screens, such as TVs, computer monitors, cellphones, clocks, even the little screen on your car radio.

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