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Once again, with feeling: Maker Faire 2012 is this weekend! This is just a quick reminder to sign up and attend the world’s largest Do-It-Yourself festival, happening in San Mateo, CA.

One of the many wild inventions at Maker Faire: “time to change” (a 13 ft tall clock made nearly exclusively out of bicycles).

Updates are now available about the specifics of the festival. During all Saturday and Sunday, there is a stage devoted exclusively to empowering and teaching educators tips, tools, and project-ideas to implement in their classrooms.

Here is a snippet of the Education Stage’s schedule:

11:00 This is What Learning Looks Like! (Education Stage)
12:00 Tinkering and Maker Culture: Transforming K-12 Math and Science Education (Education Stage)
12:30 How Play, Innovation and Imagination Support Learning (Education Stage)
1:00 Raspberry Pi: How a $35 Computer Will Give Students an Appetite for STEM (Center Stage)
1:00 Citizen Science and Space Exploration (Education Stage)
1:30 Discover, Create, Advance: Managing Innovation in 21st Century Classrooms (Education Stage)
1:30 I Make, Therefore I Play – the science behind play: how it shapes the brain, encourages discovery and gets you hired at JPL! (Center Stage)
12:00 Recycled Computers with Open Source OS for Schools and Individuals (Education Stage)
1:00 Major in Making! (Education Stage)
1:30 Creating a Middle School 3D Prototyping Lab (Education Stage)
1:30 The Story Behind – an online community for maker kids (Center Stage)

Maker Faire 2012 will be held at the San Mateo Event Center in San Mateo, CA on May 19-20th. Saturday is 10AM – 8PM and Sunday is 10AM – 6PM.

If this event peaks your inner-inventor, check out Eio for all your electronic needs!!

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Maker Faire Bay Area 2012 is just two weeks away! Join in on the world’s largest “Do-it-Yourself” festival, described by Maker Magazine as:

“The Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth—a two day, family-friendly festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement.”

More specifically, Maker Faire brings together inventors, artists, engineers, science clubs and students, hobbyists, commercial exhibitors, and even white house correspondents for a chance to display their creations and learn by doing. So large and important is this event that President Obama made a “special plea” for the press to highlight the creativity that Maker Faire stimulates in our nation’s youth.

This festival attracts DIY inventors from all walks of life, from the young person who makes his or her idea come to life

(such as the creator of the extreme marshmallow cannon),

to the experienced artist tirelessly working to see their idea take shape

(such as the artist of this handmade wood bicycles),

even to the deeply practical innovator who sees a need and makes it happen

(such as the inventors, BootstrapSolar, of the DIY Solar Charger Kit).

So consider attending the 2012 Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA. For more information, visit

We leave you with this enticing one minute trailer that captures the “heart” of Maker Faire. Enjoy!

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