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With the new release of the iPhone 5 in full swing, we are here to offer all of those who will not be upgrading to the new device a few reasons to be content with your older generation iPhone.  Here are some of our products to consider that are still compatible with your older device’s 30-pin connector. The new iPhone 5 has a new connection port called Lightning, and it’s not compatible with any existing hardware. Sure, you can buy a huge adapter for $29 (!), but this adapter won’t help connect all those accessories with built-in iPhone docks. Plus, the adapter is huge, and will no doubt be an eyesore against the new iPhone 5′s beautiful aesthetic.

And if you just bought a new car with a built-in 30-pin iPhone connector, the large white adapter is certain to detract from the intended seamless iPhone integration.


GRIFFIN 9562-NAVIGT Navigate Inline Controller and FM Radio



Brand Griffin Technology
Series Navigate
Model 9562-NAVIGT
Type Others
iPod Compatibility
Compact inline remote control and radio for iPhone and iPod

Built-in OLED shows screen info from your iPod

Provides Playlist, EQ, and Shuffle Mode navigation

Play, Stop, Pause, Forward, Backward, and Scan controls that your fingers can locate by touch

FM stereo radio with RDS track info display and 4 station presets

Color Black
iPod Compatibility
2nd Gen iPod touch Compatible
1st Gen iPod touch Compatible
iPod classic Compatible
iPod video Compatible
4th Gen iPod nano Compatible
3rd Gen iPod nano Compatible
2nd Gen iPod nano Compatible
iPhone Compatible
iPhone 3G Compatible
iPhone 3G S Compatible




GRIFFIN 9783-TJ3 TuneJuice Charger for iPod / iPhone, Black


Brand Griffin Technology
Model 9783-TJ3
Type Charger
iPod Compatibility
Charges iPhone or any iPod with a dock connector

Uses 4 AAA batteries (included)

Hours more music, video, talk time, web access

iPod Compatibility
2nd Gen iPod touch Compatible
1st Gen iPod touch Compatible
iPod classic Compatible
iPod video Compatible
5th Gen iPod nano Compatible
4th Gen iPod nano Compatible
3rd Gen iPod nano Compatible
2nd Gen iPod nano Compatible
1st Gen iPod nano Compatible
iPod mini Compatible
iPod Photo Compatible
iPhone Compatible
iPhone 3G Compatible
iPhone 3G S Compatible
GRIFFIN 10019-SIMPLIFI Simplifi Dock for iPod and iPhone with Card Reader and USB Hub, Aluminum

Brand Griffin Technology
Series Simplifi
Model 10019-SIMPLIFI
Type Dock
iPod Compatibility
Charge/sync Hub For iPhone And IPod

Reads And Writes The Most Popular Digital Media Cards

2-port Powered USB Hub, Using Included AC Adapter

A Simple, Versatile Way To De-clutter Your Desktop




Laptop Cooling Fans 101

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Today’s EIO post is an introduction to some of our laptop cooling products.

Is a Laptop Cooler Really Important?

One thing that any laptop owner should be aware of is the fact that all electronic devices generate a certain amount of energy… simply by being used.  This energy is then used and dispersed in the form of heat, which is the reason why your laptop may heat up from time to time.  Manufacturers are aware of this problem, and consequently build their products to withstand a certain threshold of temperatures.  In this sense, laptops are already equipped with cooling fans and vents throughout the device. But as is often the case, overheating may and often does occur.  Consequently, whether or not a customer should look into purchasing a cooling fan depends on the individual habits of that person, as well as how and under what circumstances they plan on using the product.

Factors That Cause Excessive Heat That May Harm Your Laptop

Surrounding Temperatures:

Laptops are usually designed to withstand temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius maximum.  If, for example, you live in an area that regularly exceeds this maximum temperature, the likelihood of your device experiencing problems would be quite high.  Heat often builds up and takes some time to disperse from the inner casing of a laptop.  So if your equipment was permanently in a location with high temperatures, it would be a good idea to have something to cool it off before serious damage is done to the product.

Customer Use:
Many times customers enjoy using their laptops in conditions other than sitting at a desk or a table.  The reason they purchased the product, after all, was for the sake of mobility and comfort.  What often happens, however, is that customers begin using their laptops on the bed, sofa, carpet flooring, and especially their laps, and inadvertently block off the cooling vents.  This prevents any cooling air from escaping from the laptop.


In this sense, if you want to experience the full joy of owning a laptop and maintain the luxury of using it wherever you choose, it may be a good idea to purchase a laptop cooling fan.



Macally ECOFAN Bamboo Cooling Stand


Brand MacAlly
Type Docking Stations / Stands / Coolers
Features Organic
Ultimate thermal solution






COOLER MASTER R9-NBC-2WAK-GP NotePal X1 Notebook Cooler

Brand Cooler Master
Model R9-NBC-2WAK-GP
Accessory Type Cooler
Dimension (W / H / D): 14.37″ x 11.42″ x 2.13-2.76″
Fan Dimension (W / H / D): 4.72″ x 4.72″ x 0.98″
Bearing Type: Sleeve
Fan Life Expectancy: 30,000 hours
USB Port: USB2.0/1.1 x 2
Weight: 1.61 lbs.
Safety: FCC / CE / C-tick
Fan Airflow: 23 ~ 44 CFM
Rated Voltage: 5 VDC
Stylish design Large metal mesh surface for great cooling performance

Perfect wrist-resting position allows users to work at ease

Fan speed control

Convenient usage on the knee

Better airflow with ventilation at bottom

Ergonomic design provides perfect viewing angle

Two different height settings

Four anti-slip rubbers prevents the notebook from sliding

Convenient usage anywhere







SIIG AC-CL0112-S1 Swivel and Tilt Notebook Cooler

Brand SIIG
Model AC-CL0112-S1
Type Cooler
Specifications Fan speed: 2000 RPM
Air flow: 19 CFM
Noise: 21.26 dBA
Operating current: 0.14A

System Requirements
Notebook computer with an available USB port

  • Fits 11″ – 15.4″ notebooks
  • Ultra silent fan
  • 360 degree swivel base
  • Ergonomic adjustable tilt
  • USB powered – no additional external power needed
  • Extends notebook’s life by lowering its operating temperature
  • Protects your lap and prevents heat damage to your furniture
  • 6 level adjustable tilt, from 20 – 50 degrees







Thermaltake CLN0008 Thermaltake Massive23 CS Notebook Cooling Stand

Brand Thermaltake
Model CLN0008
Accessory Type Cooler
Dimension: 360(L) x 319(W) x 52(H) mm
Heatsink Material: Aluminum
Fan Dimension: Ø 200×20 mm
Rated Voltage: 5 V
Rated Current: 0.22 A
Started Voltage: 3.5 V
Fan Speed: 600±200 R.P.M.
Max. Air Flow: 57 CFM
Max. Air Pressure : 0.37 mmH2O
Noise: 17 dBA
Accessory: USB to DC Cable
Weight: 3.55 lbs. (1.61Kg)
Features Embedded ultra silent 23cm variable color LED Fan with On/Off switch.

Intakes massive cold airflow for best cooling effect

Aluminum material with black stylish design

Great combination of ergonomic and anti-slip design with versatile angle for optimal operating comfort.

Supports laptop dimensions 10″ ~ 17″, especially for wide-screen laptop.


Today’s EIO post is on our newest headset: the SYBA CL-AUD63032 3.5mm Connector Circumaural Headset.

Why over-the-ear-headphones

Over-the-ear headphones that are large enough tend to provide sound that can be reminiscent of a good pair of speakers. Many over-the-ear headphone enthusiasts are so satisfied with the quality of audio from their high-end cans that they don’t even own a pair of hi-fi speakers.

What are Circumaural (around-ear headphones)?

These types are the largest out there and are generally designed to fit around your earlobes. Of course, some versions of circumaural cans merely cup the back of your ear instead of completely surrounding your ear, but they still work the same way. The idea of around-ear-type headphones is to be able to accommodate larger drivers which can make a musical performance sound more realistic. The larger earcups also allow manufacturers to position the drivers at some distance from your ear, implement multiple drivers and angle the drivers in various ways to affect sound quality. Having earcups instead of earpads also ensures that they’re more comfortable when worn for longer listening sessions.



  • Brand: SYBA
  • Model: CL-AUD63032
  • Driver Unit: 40mm
  • Headphone Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Headphone Input Impedance: 32 ohm
  • Headphone Sensitivity: 108dB S.P.L. at 1KHz
  • Connector: 3.5mm
  • Ear Coupling: Circumaural
  • Cord Length: 4.83 ft.
  • Weight: Package: 0.8 lbs.
  • Microphone Sensitivity: Microphone Unit: 58 +/- 2db
  • Features: Purple/White colors match your taste. The lightweight design ensures excellent comfort for hours of use. Compatible with any device that features a 3.5mm outputs.                Rated Power: 100mW


Decorative Lighting

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Today’s EIO post is on decorative lighting products for your home or vehicle.


With Halloween approaching, some people may be in the process of constructing their very own haunted house for the neighborhood children.  Some of our LED decorative lighting products could come in handy with such an undertaking.  Whether it be dimly illuminating a dark hallway with some floor lights or creating a strobe light effect… we have the products to help make your project a success!



LOGISYS MD9FBL 9 LED Flexible Water-proof Blue


Model MD9FBL
      This 9 LED light is built in a clear silicon pod that is flexible, heat resistant and water proof. It can be mounted on the back or either side surfaces. It is very bright and cool! You can use it in many applications as such:
  • Around the front grille
  • Under foot-wells
  • On wheel wells
  • In the trunk
  • Under the hood
  • On headlights
  • Along the dash






      This DIY 5 LED spreader comes with 5 bright LED bulbs mounted in a 16mm X 10mm X 65mm enclosure. The two outer set leds are at a 45 degree angle, the two mid set are a 60 degree, and the center led is 90 degree. They come with 3 foot long, 22 gauge and 2-wire black sheathed lead that can be widely used in any 12 volt application for home decoration and auto modding.





Model LCX16WT
  • Tube Length: 16”(approx. 415mm)
  • External Tube and Base Dimension: ¼ diameter,10mm x10mm
  • Input Voltage: 12VDC
  • Total Power: 3 W
      LED corner Light is a green energy high efficient light. It is energy saving, high density with long life span (over 5 years in normal usage). This product is available in 4 different colors – blue, green, red and white. It is tiny small in physical size that can be used in narrow space and it is easy to install with the installation brackets. It comes with 5.5/2.1mm female plug or it can be cut for bare wire connection.
      The LED corner light can be used for variety of applications such as background lighting for kitchen, walking way and cabinets, display and landscaping. All you need is a 12V DC power source. It is safe due to the low voltage input.


USB Gadgets

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Today’s EIO post is on some cool USB products that we are now offering.


SYBA CL-MU-022 USB Cup Warmer, USB Power with ON/OFF Switch


Wouldn’t it be nice if your morning cup of coffee never got cold sitting on your desk? With the SYBA cup warmer, you no longer need to drink up fast to enjoy your morning cup of joe.  If you’re swamped at work, simply plug the warmer into your computer’s USB device and your drink will stay warm!

Brand SYBA
Model CL-MU-022
Type USB Cup Warmer
Features 5V DC, 5000MA
USB Port Clear Cable: 1.5M
Dimensions: 115x115x25mm
Heat Zone Diameter: 75mm
Heating area Temperature: about 70°C
Keep coffee/tea/drink warm at 40-50°C
It can be used as changer for: NOKIA 8210/8250/3310
Suitable for any type of Cup
Keep coffee/tea warm for any time interval
ON/OFF switch
No risk of burn, with enclosure made of quality insulation material
Easy installation, no driver required, Plug & Play







SYBA CL-ACC20018 USB Massage

Ever feel like you could use a massage while at work? Well now, with the new SYBA USB massage device, you can simply plug into your USB port and start feeling the tension melt away!

Brand SYBA
Model CL-ACC20018
Type USB Massage
Features Dual mode handheld massager (strong/normal)
Power ON/OFF button and power button setting
2 power level & 2 massage furnaces to relax tense muscles
Quiet & efficient operation
Ergonomically designed to massage neck, shoulder & wrist
Powered by USB, applicable to all kinds of PC & notebook

Massage machine relaxing the body (nuque, neck, wrist, shoulder)









SYBA CL-MU-020 USB Mini Vacuum Cleaner with Retractable Cable

The SYBA mini vacuum is a cool little tool that plugs into the USB port on your computer or laptop and can be used to clean the areas around your desk or work space.  It also comes equipped with an LED to light your cleaning space, which can be turned on or off.  The vacuum has two different power levels (standard and turbo), turbo gives you twice the power.  The SYBA mini vacuum is a neat and practical little tool to have at your disposal.

Brand SYBA
Model CL-MU-020
Type USB Cleaner
Features Simply connect the vacuum to the USB port of your laptop or computer.
Compliant with USB 1.1 & USB 2.0.
Turbo mode to increase twice the power.
Retractable brush holder.
Power ON/OFF/LED switch.
LED function to light your cleaning space.
USB powered. No need extra battery.
Power consumption: Normal (220 mA), Turbo (260mA).
Motor working: Normal (DC +4V at 18,000rpm), Turbo (DC +5V at 24,000 rpm).
Retractable USB cable length: 10 – 100 cm.


An Introduction to Headsets

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Today’s EIO post is on Speakers and Headsets.


Health Benefits of Headsets says:

What will a headset do for you? Did you know that using a headset on a daily basis will reduce unnecessary back pain and fatigue caused by cradling the phone on your shoulder? Using a headset as part of your daily work routine will help improve your posture, and make you feel more active and refreshed at the end of the work day.

Not only does a headset help you physically, it also increases your work productivity. Studies have shown that using a headset instead of holding the phone frees up a hand and can improve productivity by up to 43%.


Other Benefits From Using a Headset:


Enjoy the luxury of not having to juggle with a telephone handset, and enjoy new levels of productivity with both hands now free.

Productivity Benefit:

Increased speed! Enjoy the ability to perform multiple tasks quickly and easily, allowing you to improve the speed of your daily tasks.

Mobility Benefit:

You no longer have to be stuck to your desk or have a limited radius to move around the office! With a headset, you can move around as much as you want and multitask.


Products available through EIO




The Velleman HSMT1 is your basic headset (compatible with both your laptops/computers or telephone system).


Suppliers: VELLEMAN
Mono headphone with Ø.11″ drive unit
With microphone
RJ-type connection adapter provided for telephone connection (TCU18C)
Model PSUC100
  • headphones:
    • drive unit: 1.1″ Ø
    • cable length: 5.6ft
    • max. input power: 30mW
    • impedance: 150ohm
    • 1/8″ plug
  • microphone:
    • type: electret condenser
    • directivity: omnidirectional
    • 1/8″ plug
  • mono headphone with Ø.11″ drive unit
  • with microphone
  • RJ-type connection adapter provided for telephone connection (TCU18C)



Today’s Eio post is on headphones.

With the explosion of handheld electronic devices, such as ipods, mp3 players, and cellphones, headphones are everywhere and come in many different types.

With the intention of being held in place close to one’s ears to hear the audio, headphones are a pair of miniaturized and wearable loudspeakers.

Different Types of Headphones

Dynamic Headphones

Dynamic headphones are the standard headphones, which work similar to miniature speakers. The audio signal reaches the headphones through a connection to a standard jack. The electrical signal creates a rapid vibration which creates vibratory sound waves which are picked up by our eardrums and translated into sound.

Dynamic headphones come in many variations, such as behind the neck, over the head, sport, made for Stereo/DJ, even noise cancelling.

SYBA CL-AUD63032 3.5mm Connector Circumaural Headset

“Purple / white colors match your taste. The lightweight design ensures excellent comfort for hours of use. Compatible with any device that features a 3.5mm outputs.”

Infrared Headphones

These are cordless headphones which utilize infrared lights to transmit sound from the audio’s sender to the headphone’s receiver. These have advantages because cords don’t get tangled nor caught on sharp edges. The drawback is if something blocks the sender/receiver signal, the sound quality will weaken.

KOSS HB70 3.5mm Connector Supra-aural Streetstyle Cordless Infrared Headphone System

With Koss’ wireless headphones, “you can roam up to 250 feet in any direction from your music source without missing a beat. With an AC adapter, infrared transmitter, receiver and stereophones, these headphones are ideal for home theater and video. The behind-the-ear design of the headphones maximize your comfort for extended wearing periods. What better way to enjoy both the comfort of your home and your favorite music! The Koss HB60 Headphones feature a dynamic element for extended frequency response and can connect to most audio and video systems. The headphone require two AAA batteries.”


Instead of resting on the head as dynamic headphones do, earbuds sit inside the opening of the ear. They are lightweight, portable, and sometimes unnoticeable.

Sennheiser MX270 Earbud Stereo Headphones

These earbuds have a lightweight design feels natural, full range dynamic stereo sound, and fits all devices with a 1/8″ stereo headphone plug!

Many earbuds come with built in microphones because these headphones are made for cellphone use. One can have a hands-free conversation with the use of these earbud/microphone combination.

GRIFFIN GC10022 TuneBuds Mobile 3.5mm Connector Canal Earbuds, headset & control for iPod & iPhone

Here is our whole Eio line up of the various types of headphones:

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