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April 19-21 is a special weekend for robotics enthusiasts – it’s the 2012 VEX Robotics World Championship! From junior high and high school, to college and beyond, this Southern California event offers the world’s best robotics teams and fans to congregate, celebrate their accomplishments, and compete with and against each other.

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Do you want to inspire imagination, innovation, and an inventing-spirit in your children? Are you a teenager with dreams of becoming the next great inventor, such as Leonardo da Vinci or Thomas Edison?

Well look no further, for El Camino Community College, located in Torrance, CA, is offering a robotics academy for high school students. (Click here for more information).

These classes “introduce high school students to electronics and manufacturing technology through the construction, testing, and operation of functional robots.” While they may not offer in person meetings with Bender from Futurama or Sonny from I, Robot, these courses will allow students to explore the technologies used to fabricate model robotic systems. can supply you with all your robotic needs for both these El Camino classes, or if you want to do a DIY robotics project. Click here to visit our robotics page.

Here’s a video demonstrating the awesome transforming OWI solar robot that runs entirely on solar energy. It can walk in its humanoid form, drive in its tank form, and even crawl in scorpion form! It’s a perfect gift for someone with a burgeoning interest in the field of robotics.

Happy building!